Bloomers in the Nursery

Bloomers in the Nursery

Every fall we plant about 2000 bulbs at Westport Winery Garden Resort. They are starting to bloom and it's so nice to have those spots of color heralding spring. We also have some bloomers in the nursery. We are open daily from 8am to 7pm and until 8pm on Friday and Saturday.

Pratia pub. 'Kelsey Blue' (Alpine Creeper) has dark blue star-like flowers from May-Sept. Tolerates moderate foot traffic. Good for borders, footpaths, and containers. Full sun-part shade. Evergreen. Ht. 2in, Zone 4.

Anemone blanda (Windflower) produces a great, low growing mat of pink, white and blue cheerful star-like blossoms. Finely cut leaves disappear soon after flowering. Full to partial sun. Ht. 6-12in, Zone 5. Deer resistant and beloved by butterflies.

Dianthus 'Kahori' (Carnation -Pink) is a profuse bloomer! Bright fuchsia pink flowers are highly scented and emit a lovely clove scent. Keep close to paths and entryways to encourage a casual encounter to release the fragrance. Full sun. Ht. 6-8in, Zone 3. Bees and butterflies love this but deer don't!

Dianthus delt. 'Confetti Dp Red' (Maiden Pinks - Red) form tidy mound of evergreen bronzy foliage with profuse starry red flowers appearing late spring. Full sun. Ht. 6in, Zone 2. Again, favored by butterflies and bees, while not popular with deer.