Bordello Blonde Unveiling Announced

Bordello Blonde Unveiling Announced

The Roberts family of Westport Winery Garden Resort is reaching a historic milestone when they unveil the fiftieth commissioned piece of art in their outdoor sculpture garden this month. Winery co-founder Blain Roberts said, “This is one of the promises we made to our community when we opened the business in 2008. We committed to being open daily for stability, to donating a portion of each wine to different local charities, and to supporting local artists.”

Sherryl Jackson of North River accepted the commission to commemorate Bordello Blonde after being inspired by an artist whom she and Kim Roberts admired in the United Kingdom. Roberts said, “Sherryl and I began emailing photographs back and forth of Robin Wight’s work. We were both enchanted by the ephemeral nature of his wire garden fairies. I couldn’t believe it when she said she would take on one of her own.”

Jackson, who has multiple sclerosis, works in wire with her Newfoundland service dog Apollo at her side in case of emergency. She has created three other sculptures for the resort in the past four years. The first, called “Love”, is the centerpiece of the resort’s lavender labyrinth. It features a woman holding a heart above her head. This work was created from over two miles of fencing wire. Jackson’s second work was for the English Cottage Garden where she placed a woven wire woman resting with her bicycle beside her Newfoundland. Since Kim Roberts had recently lost her Newfoundland Dax, it is a particularly poignant and favorite piece. And her third commission was entitled “The Kiss” with two mesh wire figures embracing amidst the vibrant heathers in the Formal French Garden.

Her latest creation will be located in the newly designed meditation gardens. Jackson said, “It’s always an honor to be asked to create art for such peaceful gardens.” This area features four terraces representing preparation, consideration, affections, and resolution.

The Bordello Blonde unveiling is on Sunday, August 21 at noon. The public is invited to attend this event. All ages (and dogs on leash) are welcome.

In terms of economics the Roberts family has invested about $80,000 in local arts. At the same time they have donated over $300,000 to local charities, and kept the business open daily (with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas.) Carrie Roberts said, “We are so proud to be in this community and to make what we believe are positive and lasting contributions.” Her brother, business partner, and director of winemaking, Dana Roberts said, “For us, it’s all about making incredible wines. Without those we would not be able to do the extras that not only support the family, but also support the community.”

In the beginning, the family had hoped to grow their own grapes on their 67-acre estate. In short order they developed collaborative partnerships with some of Washington’s most acclaimed grape growers. This allowed them to use their land in what they hope will become the Butchart Gardens of Washington. Kim Roberts, with two degrees in architecture as her training, said, “People tend to scoff when they hear this goal. But they forget that Butchart had a 100 year had start. It took Jenny Butchart and her incredible vision to begin the process for them. I look at this as my canvas to create art for the rest of my life. I hope it will last as long as hers.”

When now retired WSU county extension agent met with the Roberts in 2007, he said, “Plant and vineyard and build a winery. It will be historic.” His words were more prophetic than any of them realized, especially as the winery approaches the 500 mark on medals earned for their wines in national and international competitions.

Westport Winery was named 2011 Washington Winery to Watch by Wine Press Northwest. They have been voted Best Winery by King 5 Evening Magazine for six of the past eight years. They were named the Best Washington Family Business Silver Medal winners in 2012, received the Grays Harbor Environmental Stewardship Award in 2015, and were name Best Winery, Best Wine Shop, and Best Boutique Winery for 2016 by South Sound Magazine.

Their satellite location, Westport Winery TASTING @ Cannon Beach, is located at 255 N. Hemlock. This tasting room is open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

What they call “The Mother Ship”, Westport Winery Garden Resort, is located on the corner of Highway 105 and South Arbor Road halfway between Aberdeen and Westport. The winery (including the restaurant, bakery, nursery and gardens) is open daily, offering lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.