Changes at Westport Winery

Changes at Westport Winery

Like all of you, we are feeling the economic, emotional and physical effects of the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak. Please be assured we are deeply grateful for those who are able to continue to do business with us and other small, local, family businesses. It is a footrace on a good day, it is a marathon and a sprint at the same time these days. Still, like many small businesses we are experiencing a reduction of visitors. For this reason, we are adjusting our hours of operation.

Westport Winery Garden Resort, including the Sea Glass Grill, the gift shop, nursery, and tasting room, will open daily at 11am. We will close at 6pm on Sunday through Thursday and 8pm on Friday and Saturday. This means we will no longer offer brunch service. Although brunch is not offered daily, we will have brunch special schedules and menus for both Easter and Mother’s Day.

We will continue to offer our prime rib special on Friday and Saturday from 4pm to our last seating at 7:30pm. Some of your favorite selections may not be on the menu as we have made a slight reduction of our offerings. We apologize for this temporary consolidation and ask your understanding as we adapt to this new reality.

We encourage those who are ill or vulnerable to place orders by calling 360-648-2224. We are happy to deliver purchases including food, gifts, plants, wine and spirits (by the bottle, not the glass!) to your vehicle to retain your limited social contact goals. We are also happy to ship wine to over twenty different states listed on our website. We can only ship spirits within Washington State.

Ocean’s Daughter Distillery’s tasting room at Westport Winery Garden Resort will remain open daily from 11am to 6pm. Westport Winery Seaside and Seaside Kites will remain open daily from 11am to 6pm. Westport Winery Seaside Retreat is available for booking by going to It is cleaned and disinfected after each guest stay.

We did a price comparison on our spirits (at Splash Club pricing) versus some name brands: Barrel Ride wine barrel aged whiskey $24 versus Jack Daniels Single Barrel $42; Rock Dance Meyer Lemon Vodka (40 proof) $24 versus Smirnoff Citrus (35 proof) $17.50; Meermin Gin $20 versus Tangueray $22; Yo Ho Rum $24 versus Kraken $20. We just want you to know we are priced competitive and local.

On Tuesday we will begin carrying milk, eggs, butter, cream cheese, bananas, oranges, apples, toilet paper, bottled water and juice in the gift shop at Westport Winery Garden Resort.

We still have plenty of fresh air, beautiful views, and open spaces our 15-acre garden resort. It’s a great time to bring family and friends out to walk the gardens, play orchard golf, disc golf, horseshoes, petanque, wizard chess and outdoor Scrabble. We have over 100 interpretive signs throughout the property for you to enjoy self-guided tours including 80 sculptures by local artists. On sunny and dry days, we welcome you to enjoy your meals and beverages on the patio. By our very nature we have limited space inside so you will always find ample elbow room in the tasting rooms and restaurant.

We invite you to celebrate International Mermaid Day with us on March 29 at Westport Winery Garden Resort. (That date is also our winery’s twelfth anniversary!) We will hold our outdoor groundbreaking for the International Mermaid Museum at 10am with mermaid specials in the Sea Glass Grill, Westport Winery and Ocean’s Daughter Distillery all day.

In addition to our standard health procedures we implemented an hourly disinfecting routine, installed guest hand sanitizing stations, removed food sampling stations, and increased sanitization of shared contact items like menus and ticket holders.

We look forward to seeing you. We deeply appreciate you doing business with us. We have enough wine in bottle to last two years and another year’s vintage in tank so you don’t need to hoard wine, but we