Edibles in the Garden

Edibles in the Garden

We are already bringing in some special selections for your edible garden at Westport Winery Garden Resort. The nursery is open daily from 8am to 7pm and until 8pm on Friday and Saturday.

We love designing with these plants that provide beauty and healthy food at the same time. There is no reason you need to separate your favorite plants.

In strawberries we have the 'Hawaiian Berry' which have the unique distinction of being white Strawberries with pineapple like flavor. They are everbearing which means they set fruit from June through September! They enjoy full sun and moist soil (but never bury the crowns on strawberries or they will rot). Best fruiting when planted near other red strawberries (for pollination). Zone 4.

We also have Fragaria x ananassa 'Eversweet' Strawberries which produce edible berries from spring to frost. This variety thrives in heat, and continues bearing fruit in summer when other varieties have wilted away. Grow in organically rich soil with medium moisture. Ht. 8in. Zone 5

Vaccinium corym. 'Pink Lemonade' Blueberry is famous for its pinkish white flowers followed by pale green fruit which then turn deep pink when ripened. The leaves turn golden yellow and bright orange in fall. These enjoy acidic soil and full sun. Ht. 4ft. Spread 4ft. Zone 4.

Vaccinium 'Sunshine Blue' is a rare evergreen blueberry with white flowers in spring followed by medium to small dark blue berries that ripen mid-season. It features a compact habit in sun to partial sun, ht 3-4ft, spread 3-4ft. Zone 5.