Plant Clinic

Plant Clinic

The Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties Master Gardeners are holding a free plant clinic at Westport on Saturday, June 11, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Certified Master Gardeners will be on hand to assist students in two areas.

First, guests are invited to bring an empty pot to plant. Westport Winery will provide free potting soil with the purchase of plants for the pot, and the Master Gardener volunteers will assist in designing the perfect container arrangement.

Second, guests are invited to bring cuttings from sick plants to have the Master Gardeners assist with identifying the plant problem and prescribing a solution.

A portion of the proceeds from the winery’s popular Little Wild Blackberry Riesling benefits the Master Gardeners. A sculpture of a little bear gorging on berries commemorates this wine in the middle of the Never Enough Thyme Tapestry Garden.

Westport Winery was named 2011 Washington Winery to Watch by Wine Press Northwest. They have been voted Best Winery by King 5 Evening Magazine for six of the past eight years. They were named the Best Washington Family Business Silver Medal winners in 2012, received the Grays Harbor Environmental Stewardship Award in 2015, and were name Best Winery, Best Wine Shop, and Best Boutique Winery for 2016 by South Sound Magazine.

Westport Winery Garden Resort is located on the corner of Highway 105 and South Arbor Road halfway between Aberdeen and Westport. The winery (including the restaurant, bakery, nursery and gardens) is open daily offering lunch and dinner from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.