Vale Pupdate

Vale Pupdate

Our friends at Harbor Rescue asked us to thank all of you who came to the event last weekend to raise funds for Valé, a special dog with extra needs. In addition, they wanted us to thank those who made donations via PayPal on their Facebook page since these contributions were anonymous.

We hosted 63 dogs and their people for portraits. These folks, along with numerous others who could not attend the event, graciously donated $2500. A generous benefactor matched those funds for a grand total of $5000 raised. This money was sufficient to cover Valé’s vet bills and provide her with a boot for the foot that lost toes.

Valé is a beautiful young Lab mix that was brought to the attention of Harbor Rescue in 2017 when she had been hit by a car and needed help. More recently, she was placed in the back of a pickup tethered by a long leash, she jumped or fell out of the truck, and was dragged over five miles on pavement. At that point she was surrendered to Harbor Rescue and has undergone four surgeries to save her legs and feet.

We were pleased to share with you that Valé has a new forever home. She even attended this event with her new adopted brother, Gravy. You can see photos of them and some other delightful participants at Merrill Photography’s Facebook page or go to We are so grateful to Marcy Merrill for offering her significant talent to this effort.

Again, we at Westport Winery thank you all so much for your participation and support. Harbor Rescue, which an all volunteer organization, has an interesting motto that rings true for us: “Saving people, one dog at a time.” Be sure to check out their Facebook page if you ever lose or find a dog. It has become the best local resource for reconnecting dogs with their families. It’s also a great place to find your own forever friend.