Sea Glass Grill At Westport Winery Garden Resort

Discover why the Sea Glass Grill was twice voted one of the top five winery restaurants in the nation by USA Today. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner from 11am to 6pm and until 8pm on Friday and Saturday. Take out orders welcome. Call 360-648-2224 for ordering or reservations.

Kids Welcome! We offer the little ones a choice of Grilled Cheese or Corks & Cheese for $6.

To Wine or Not To Wine: We offer thirty-five wines in our restaurant by the glass or bottle, with wine club members receiving a 20% discount on their wine purchases, including wine flights.

We are proud to offer Blackbeard Brewing Company and Mount Olympus Brewing wonderful beer on draft with the option of beer flights.

Plus, we have a full bar with top shelf spirits and hand-crafted cocktails created using Ocean's Daughter Distillery spirits, including our famous Shark Tank and Flights of Fancy. Ocean's Daughter Distillery Splash Club members receive a 20% discount on Ocean's Daughter Distillery cocktails in the Sea Glass Grill.

Appetizers & Salads

Mermaids On Horseback - 18.99

Bacon-wrapped prawns with pineapple-horseradish glaze. Add soup, salad, sesame seared broccoli, jasmine rice or fries 4.99.

Avocado Toast - 7.99

Homemade toasted oatmeal bread with mashed avocado and sliced tomato with balsamic. Add Dungeness crab salad 6.99

Kalbi Beef Skewers - 15.99

Marinated steak with green onions and sesame seeds

Crab Louie - 19.99

Mixed greens, Dungeness crab, eggs, tomato, croutons, lemon, spicy thousand island

Lighthouse - 16.99

Cranberry chicken salad, carrot curls, feta, dried cranberries, and almonds on seasonal greens

Soup and Salad - 9.99

Cup of soup with side salad or bowl of soup with a homemade cornmeal biscuit. Choose from tomato basil with Italian sausage (GF), clam chowder, vegetarian tomato basil. For your salad select spicy thousand island, berry vinaigrette or Asian dressing

Sandwiches & Burgers

Includes your choice of soup, salad, sesame seared broccoli, jasmine rice or fries (GF bread on request)

Side salads include greens, carrots, dried cranberries, almonds and feta with your choice of our homemade spicy thousand, berry vinaigrette or Asian dressing

Sea Grant - 19.99

Dungeness crab and cream cheese salad with Tillamook cheddar and spicy thousand on toasted sourdough

Bubba's Bacon Jam Burger - 18.99

Ground sirloin burger with bacon jam, Swiss and greens on a grilled hoagie

Beachcomber - 16.99

Cranberry chicken salad with bacon, seasonal greens and berry vinaigrette on toasted sourdough

Farmer's Favorite - 18.99

Sliced prime rib with grilled onions, Swiss and au jus

Wild Garlic Grilled Cheese - 14.99

Our wild garlic spice mixed melted with cheddar, Swiss, Cougar Gold, Parmesan on sourdough, Add ham 4.99

Land Grant Wrap - 10.99

Spinach tortilla with cream cheese, homemade berry pineapple pepper jelly, cheddar, tomato, greens and avocado, with crab salad — 19.99

Pasta & Rice Bowls

Kalbi Beef Skewers - 19.99

Marinated in Azeka's secret sauce, grilled and served on a bed of jasmine rice with Asian slaw

Corks, Crab and Cheese - 19.99

Cavatappi pasta with Cougar Gold cheese sauce, Dungeness crab, cream cheese, green onion, brown butter bread crumbs, Parmesan, vegetarian version 12.99

North Shore Garlic Prawns - 19.99

On jasmine rice with chili lemon sauce and Asian broccoli salad

Pesto Cheese Ravioli - 13.99

Cheese filled ravioli topped with basil and pine nut pesto, With garlic sauteed prawn $19.99


Includes soup, salad, jasmine rice, fries or sesame seared broccoli (*unless noted otherwise)

Triple Fish Tacos - 17.99

Alaskan cod, flour tortillas, coleslaw, cilantro, lemon drop sauce and tarragon aioli

Cougar Gold Quiche - 14.99

Filled with ham, bacon, chives, Cougar Gold and Swiss cheese served with tarragon aioli. Whole quiche to go -- 45.99

Dijon Garlic Encrusted Prime Rib - 26.99

10-ounce with a Dijon-garlic rub, au jus and a loaded baked potato (Friday and Saturday only after 4pm)

Chicken Cordon Gold - 17.99

Hand-breaded chicken breast with grilled ham topped with melted Swiss and Cougar Gold and served with homemade tarragon aioli.

Fish and Chips - 17.99

Battered wild Alaskan cod and steak fries, add soup, salad, jasmine rice or sesame seared broccoli 4.99

Sweet Treats

Homemade Ding Dong - 6.99

Dark chocolate cake with Chantilly cream, chocolate couverture and raspberry coulis: Double — 12.99

Vanilla Bean Cheescake - 6.99

Topped with Chantilly whipped cream and raspberry sauce

Giant Hawaiian Cinnamon Roll - 7.99

With buttercream, caramel sauce and macadamia nuts

Wedge Bar - 2.99

Flourless Dark Chocolate Brownie. Add vanilla bean ice cream, caramel sauce and Chantilly whipped cream 2.99

Dreamy Cream Pie - 7.99

Fresh Raspberry

Hand-Crafted Cocktails

Blue Crush - 9

Wahine Hi’u i’a pineapple passionfruit vodka, Mami Wata blue curacao, Jiaoren coconut liqueur, lemonade

Blustery Mary - 9

Maelstrom pepper pear vodka, Real Dill Bloody Mary mix, spicy pineapple infusion, A-1, pickle spear

Bog Burner - 9

HMS Bounty apple cinnamon whiskey, cranberry juice, cinnamon sprinkle

Chocolate Truffle - 9

Totally Nauti macadamia coconut vodka, Cecaelia caramel cream liqueur, Aphrodite creme de cacao, chocolate syrup, cream

Cosmic Star Duster - 9

Kaleidoscope key lime guava vodka, Pania triple sec, key lime infusion, lemonade

Cucumber Cooler - 9

vodka, soda, cucumber infusion, club soda, lime

007: Double Oh Seven - 9

Nayada vodka, Meermin gin, vermouth, two olives

Flight of Fancy - 17

Choose any five of our signature martinis to sample at once!

Heavenly Host - 9

Angel's Kiss almond cherry vodka, Melusine Amaretto, lemonade, cherry

Green Flash - 9

Nayada vodka, Ningyo melon liqueur, lemonade, cherry

Hula Cooler - 9

Wahine Hi'u i'a pineapple passionfruit vodka, tropical infusion, 7-up, cherry

Lahaina Mama - 9

Yo Ho pineapple, peach, ginger rum, Suvannamaccha banana cream liqueur, cream, caramel sauce

Lavender Drop - 9

Purple Reign lavender lemon gin, lavender infusion, lemonade, lavender seeds

Lemon Drops of Jupiter - 9

Sea Star raspberry cream vodka, strawberry lemon infusion, lemonade, raspberry

Life Preserver - 9

Tiger’s Blood blood orange vodka, passionfruit orange guava infusion, lemonade, orange

Light Keeper Margarita - 9

Tlanchana tequila, Pania triple sec, key lime infusion, lemonade

Mad Hatter - 9

Barrel Ride whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters, cherry

Maui Tai - 9

Sirena rum, POG infusion, orange juice, orange

Mellow Yellow - 9

Rock Dance Meyer lemon vodka, lemonade, sugar rim

Mud Puddle - 9

Spanish Dancer chocolate espresso vodka, Ben Varrey I Wish Cream liqueur, cream

Old School - 9

Bowsprit maple chai whiskey, bitters, lemonade

Passion On The Beach - 9

Nayada vodka, Undine peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice

Peppermint Patty - 9

Hot chocolate, Morgens peppermint schnapps, Aphrodite creme de cacao, whipped cream

Picasso - 9

Tangled Mess tangerine tangelo tequila, grapefruit infusion, orange juice, club soda

Prickly Pear Bramble - 9

Meermin gin, prickly pear infusion, club soda, lime

Right Side Up - 9

Riptide brown sugar vanilla whiskey, pineapple cream soda

Shark Tank - 16

Bluegill huckleberry vodka, Sea Star raspberry cream vodka, Angel's Kiss almond cherry vodka, Pania triple sec, Mama Wati blue curacao, cherry/lime/raspberry infusion, lemonade, gummi sharks

Southern Cross - 9

Strawberried Treasure brandy, southern infusion, 7-up

Swamp Panda - 9

Bluegill huckleberry vodka, wild berry infusion, lemonade, huckleberry gummy bear

Va Va Voom - 9

Van Ghost vanilla cream vodka, Parthenope vanilla licorice liqueur, lemonade, pixie stix rim.

Westport 75 - 9

Cranberried Treasure brandy, watermelon infusion, Maritime sparkling Riesling

Woot Beer Float - 9

Aphrodite creme de cacao, Parthenope vanilla licorice liqueur, cola, cream