Expanded Hours and Offerings

Expanded Hours and Offerings

Our family is so grateful that we have been able to work for the past month fulfilling your orders and keeping our business afloat. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We received one of the loans allowing us to bring our entire staff back to work. We missed our team and are delighted to be able to add hours and options to our curbside pick up and shipping.

Our new extended hours are 11am to 6pm daily at Westport Winery Garden Resort, Ocean's Daughter Distillery, the Sea Glass Grill and Westport Winery Seaside for shipping orders or curbside pick up. Most items on the Sea Glass Grill menu are available as we open for take out orders beginning Saturday at 11am. You can find our menu on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/westportwines/menu/ or on our website at https://www.westportwinery.com/sea-glass-grill/menu.html

We have the privilege of selling you wine and spirits by the bottle or NItro#Lit in the can with your to go orders as well.

To order wine, spirits, to go food, packaged food and gifts in Washington call us at 360-648-2224. When you arrive in our parking lot call again to say you have arrived as you find a place to park. We will bring your order to a table out front. As a courtesy do not park in the driving lane as it restricts guest access to the pick up table.

For orders in Seaside call Francis and Bethany at 503-739-7322. They are especially excited to help you with flavor infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar as well as gifts and packaged foods. We have these options at both locations.

  • Infused Olive Oil Flavors: Basil Genovese, Black Truffle, Blood Orange, Caramelized Garlic, Cilantro, Garlic, & Herb, Peppered Bacon, Sicilian Lemon, Sweet Cream Butter, Tahitian Lime, Tuscan Herb, Vera Cruz Chili Pepper.

  • Balsamic Vinegar Flavors: Barrel Aged, Black Garlic Tamari, Chocolate Espresso, Crisp Anjou Pear, Dark Balsamic, Harvest Fig, Jalapeno Lime, Meyer Lemon, Smoked, Spicy Sriracha, Strawberry, Summer Peach, Sun-dried Tomato, Vanilla Pomegranate, Vine-Ripened Raspberry, White Balsamic.

  • The 100ml (3.5 ounce) are $8.95 and the 250ml (8 ounce) are $16.45. Wine club members enjoy a 10% discount. We have loyalty cards for O&V. Ten punches and the next one is free. All bottles are returned and exchanged for $3.95 on next purchase.

The tasting rooms remain closed to the public as we make every effort to maintain social distancing for our safety and yours. This means the restrooms are not available, there is no tasting, and no one can come in to pick up orders. As rules change within each state we will adapt and let you know.

We are approaching wine club charging on May 1. You can pick up your order at either location or have it shipped. We assume you will stick with the method you choose when you signed up unless you notify us otherwise. We will email you next week of our selections and are always happy to make exchanges for your preferences.

The cream and clear liqueurs remain on sale for two bottles at half price with $15 shipping in Washington. The list includes banana cream, coconut cream, Irish cream, coffee cream, caramel cream, Amaretto, melon liqueur, vanilla-licorice liqueur, triple sec, creme de cacao, peach schnapps and peppermint schnapps. You can mix and match these and there is no limit although shipping rates increase accordingly with additional bottles.

Today we bottled more hand sanitizer. We now have 100ml brown glass spray or pump bottles, 250ml snap lid square glass bottles (limited supply), 375ml green bottles with cork closure, 500ml clear square glass with cork closure (limited supply) and 750ml clear wine bottle with cork closure. We have plenty of sanitizer and remain in daily production so don't stress out about us running out, we are just changing bottles styles sometimes based upon availability.

Finally, we are super excited to announce that NEXT WEEK we will be releasing Tlanchana our first agave spirit (like champagne, you can only call a product tequila if it comes from that region). Please don't call ahead to order. We have made plenty it's just not ready yet, we had to share the news.

Again, thank you for your patience with ordering and pick up. We now have four phone lines and a team to take your calls. Be safe, be well, be thirsty. We can help you with thirsty.